ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

Feel confident and safer when driving

With modern advancements in car headlights and the challenges that driving presents, it is understandable why many people feel anxious and insecure about driving, especially at night or in difficult conditions.

With new Luminance Design Technology, Duravision DriveSafe coating and a new varifocal lens design, ZEISS have pioneered a lens that reduces glare, improves vision in low-light conditions, and also offers accurate vision when changing focus between the road, your dashboard and your mirrors.

These award-winning lenses now available in all Scrivens branches, not only provide you with a more comfortable and safer driving experience, they are also recommended for every day use, with a 94%* satisfaction rate among trial wearers for protection from bright screens, retail lighting and other everyday tasks.

Available in both single vision and varifocal lenses, this high performing driving lens will help you overcome any fears you may have when driving in tough conditions, as well as any visual distractions you may face in your everyday life.


Reduced glare at night from oncoming vehicles Better vision in low-light conditions Accurate view of the road, dashboard and mirrors

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* Internal wearer trial (CZV employees in Germany), external wearer trial (eye care professionals and consumers in Spain)