Service & Aftercare

Deciding to buy a hearing aid from Scrivens Hearing Care is the beginning rather than the end of your relationship with us. Having a hearing aid means you need to learn to hear all over again and your Hearing Aid Dispenser will be with you throughout your journey.

Rehabilitation is a vital part of the process, as adjusting to the new and different sounds you are hearing takes time. When you first receive your hearing aids you will need to gradually build up the amount of time you wear them.

This is where expert help and advice is essential. You will be invited back to see your Hearing Aid Dispenser within six weeks of your hearing aid fitting in order for them to make any adjustments based on your comments, and answer any questions you may have.

Our hearing aid wearers understandably become very reliant on their hearing aids to help them in their daily lives. As such, it is important that they are able to access immediate help should they encounter difficulties. Apart from our high street branches, we also have a dedicated UK based Customer Services team on hand to ensure any queries are dealt with competently and efficiently.

With Scrivens Hearing Care, you will receive an aftercare service that ensures you get the best out of your hearing aids. Changes in your hearing don’t have to mean changes in your lifestyle.